Old Gay Men Coming Out...

I have been meaning to write on this topic for a while now. This was
inspired by events I have observed fast becoming a reality all over the globe, the whole variety of coming out of the closet. I was busy advertising Gay Men Magazines, part of playing my role to inform and upgrade my many
readers and The Gay Man in general. Because we have seen how much he
has been subject to ridicule, misinformation and foul play from his
peers and general public.
Age is one of the most loathed reality by the Gay man. So evident
by the fact that many of us kill ourselves trying to achieve that
young build. All those hours in the gym paying off. Whereas majority
of Gays are considered young and troubled, there is a whole new breed,
if I may, of old generation Gay men. Not that they grew old in a Gay
man fashion, enjoying the perks that come along with such a life; but
they come out in their old, ripe age.
Coming Out for the Gay Man as publicised in the many Gay Men
Magazines, exposing the Gay lifestyle all over the globe, has a
variety of ways in which it occurs. There are some who gracefully come
out to friends and family;these ones get support and understanding
from their folks, they are lucky and for purposes of this article they
will be our control sample. There are those who are caught in
compromising positions and to their dismay, they are dismissed as
biological mistakes no matter how much they are willing to integrate.
Also just like the above some come out to their folks and don't get
the comforting reception as our control, this sadly leads in a path
not so far from the second scenario. After that short recap, you can
now tell Coming out Too Late, is no where in the headlines.
COMING OUT TOO LATE is an actual thing. A reality many have to
live with! Yes it happens and as much as we wanna deny it, it does
happen! It's time the message got out too, it's time people got to
know of the situation that is on the ground. The relevant humanitarian
groups should address such. It causes a lot of trauma for the
individual in question.
Gay men in their 40s, 50s and some in their 60s one day coming
out of the closet and declaring that they have been Gay all along.
Surprising their families and friends and most of all their lady
spouses. I pity the lady here most, because you can imagine the kind
of heart break she'll go through. She was of the thought that they
were happily in love having made a home and kids for themselves;all
for it all to be declared a mirage, publicly! The Gay Man coming out
now starts off into a new life too late and so not prepared for the
Coming Out Too late causes the Gay man lots of personal
problems, and no one would like an old Gay guy going through a delayed
mid life crisis. The aged Gay Man has no option but to start stalking
the obviously vivacious young boys joining the scene for the first
time just like he is. Talk about starting from the bottom. The worst
part is the toll this deal on the man's reputation and ego. Here is a
man who has been developing his own image for decades and now has to
break it down and grow another from the bottom.
Why would an aged man come out as Gay that late in life? Why
would he destroy everything he has worked for? What would inspire such
a change of heart? Turn from his loving wife? Turn from his family?
The most major reason as told by the victims is that they
are tired of the lying and faking. It may be a surprise for many but
it is reality, where Gay men fall for society's expectations and end
up marrying and leading a straight life. An simple succession of
actions gets a man from Gay and in the closet to happily straight and
in love. In such societies, The Gay Man never has the chance to
explore his sexuality early in life. So when they come of age they get
an already per-determined destiny, to get a wife and settle down. The
kind of audacity that catapults them to come out later in life is non
existent at this young age, besides you never know the cost till you
start paying.
Most of them have surprisingly stayed faithful to their
spouses all this while. In matters bedroom all it takes is a routine
trip of the brain to areas more preferred, and all is OK. But it gets
to a time that the mask has to come off! A time the heart has to have
its way, so to speak. This goes a long way to proof that no matter how
much one runs, the heart will always catch up to you.
African countries have the most occurrence of such and also
countries considered homophobic, countries where the Gay Man has been
persecuted and marginalized due to his sexuality. Muslim countries are
notorious for this and countries that uphold traditions that negate
Gay Love.
My personal advice to such is to be courageous enough to be themselves. Honesty to people around you is important but to yourself it is priceless.


Help him Come out

Meek, quiet, reserved and quiet were the attributes that were well
upon the route of how people saw me. I was that boy, the one everyone
would wonder and at times worry about. I never minded such attention,
after all it seemed perfectly placed as I was the shoe-in for it. I
can't really tell from when it all started, but it was the realest
thing to me to date. A deep seated feeling of loneliness, a solitude
like no other. Like an orphan, but more of a natural origin; as if I,
at some point Veered off the path to normalcy to limbo.
Time was just frozen, nothing mattered highly not in a spiteful
way, it just was! It was like my insides were all pulled out, leaving
a gaping hole of grey. That was till he came around, something
dropped, something shifted within. I couldn't tell what was happening
but my eyes were drawn to him, I would then be stern on myself after
realising am halfway, headed straight for him!
I had long gotten used to being called 'Zombie', 'cyborg' and
all other names that indicated lifeless-ness. My life had a good
routine, I wake up, get breakfast and head out to my average student's
life. In the evening, I watch a movie or something and head on to my
uneventful night. I was contented, no desires hence the concern from
guys around. They must have had their eye oprner! Like I was just
having, I thought. A sudden infusion of 'wants' and 'have to have
He was just vivacious, all over the place. This was the
first person that seemed to not have any worries. Always smiling,
glad, an inner serenity like none other. There was just something
extra intriguing about him that got me thinking. He made me want, he
made me crave; he got me to realise my desires. Not a stifling
craving, or an uncomfortable one. A quiet hunger for something, a
silent ember within threatening to blaze. I had just gotten my
curiosity back! I was going to get to know Maurice.
As I stayed up in my bed that night I thought of the chances
that kind of thing happening. I wondered how many people across the
globe were currently in my position. Thinking of a family friend
sleeping in the same house. I must have chuckled and pushed the
thought away like a thousand times, I finally decided obsession was
dangerous for me.
I needed to cool down, a cold glass of water would do it. I
jumped out of bed still lost in my thoughts. I almost bumped into it,
the ominous silhouette right outside my door, as if awaiting my exit.
My eyes couldn't help but notice the shape of the striking image that
was now coming to life. A slight, gentle push on my chest was enough
to make me let him in. An embodiment of a Greek god, with even
chocolate completion all over. I was frozen by the beauty, dimly lite
by the sodium street light streaming through my curtains.
Just as earlier I found myself closer and closer to him. Gently
caressing the soft muscles at my disposal. A gentle kiss on my lips
and we were in bed devouring each other.
"you ready?"
was the only pause, quickly ended by a quick node. I smiled all the way


Best Friend Penis

A true friend is like a penis, he stands up for you in times of need.
A genuine friend is like a bra, she supports you at all times.
A faithful friend is like a condom , he protects you from all harm.
A loving friend is like a vagina, she accomodates you fully despite
the size of your problem.
What kind of a friend are you? Penis, condom, bra or vagina friend?
Do u know that the penis is the greatest breakfast ever? According to
doctors it has a mushroom head, a sausage body, two eggs and milk
which provides nutrients. Thus making ladies healthy and full for 9
months. Besides it has 3 good manners too.
1. Its very courteous, it stands before it performs
2. It is very emotional, it weeps during performance
3. It is polite, it bows after performing.

Funny text I bumped into online, what a way to get a hearty laugh.
Enjoy people, ;-)


Christian Gay.

     I don’t know what else I would say, life has been hard on me. I wouldn’t know about other people but as for me, I wouldn’t wish anyone else my fate. Not that I’ve lost people, friends or associates in my life but it’s coz I was cursed! It must have taken place way before I was born into this world, a preset conspiracy to rid me of all normalcy. The devil so to speak! At least that is according to our parish pastor down at our church. ‘Little devils walking among us!’ ‘’Fruits of sexual perversion crawling up our society’ you’d think he was talking of the proverbial ‘snake’ crawling up his perfectly manicured garden of Eden.
      There was no other clearer explanation or definition of what I was, and not in a mysterious enviable way like Superman but in a more vile, sly and devilish way like the antichrist himself. I have always awaited the day I wouldn’t be able to walk into church, as the much publicized devil-walking-among-us. Why wouldn’t they accept me? Why was I cursed to such a predicament? Why am I so wrong? One thing I knew for sure is that I wasn’t welcomed at my own home or the planet for that matter.
      It was a lonely existence, always lost in my thoughts….Thinking of what could have been and what must have happened. Hence no-one could blame me for what I turned out to be. After all look what happened to Jesse, even after being faithful for that long. Even in the bible they would kill such people with such flaws within them. There and then I knew that things like love and companionship were a distant dream for my kind. There was no compassion applied to him no level of humanity, he was dragged around like an animal, even felons get a fair trial. It was the thought that hurt most, the thought that none of this could be comprehended by people around.
      I wasn’t welcomed at all, I had to go. So as I await my next counting my hefty cut from my earlier shift I recount my past decision and wondered why I thought it so heavily. 
      “They must have been fools to think that way…,” I sneered, “they should see how the city works, what assortment of people I service.”
I was now well versed on the ways and life of the big city. Months of ‘working the streets’ scraping for a livelihood has been truly informative. If only my folk knew how well I’m doing right now, how well I’m living. This was more than my dream! They all adored me, the aged men came to me for satisfaction. I was their secret pleasure pill, in a world in which they hide their true identity. I was a god to them now, a far cry from the devil I was destined to be back home.
     I should have put this in the goodbye letter I left my parents.
‘Good riddance!’ It should have started out followed by a proper in-depth critiquing of the society they had so loved and worked so hard to build.


I have a Gay Crush on a Straight Dude

Just as I walk out of our appartement building gate, I bump into him
again! Always a pleasure and I unconsciously announce to him my new
'catch!' gesturing at the new gay friend I had just made. It's fun
being sincere, I think silently to myself. He smiles widely and points
out he recognised my friends from some time back when I introduced
them, and went on to point out my wide grin at the fact, gingerly!
Chris was something special.
A well seasoned young man, I fell for him from the first time I
saw him. He was every bit as humble as he was handsome. Completely
unaware of his looks, and even if he ever discovered it, he wouldn't
change a thing: he was the guy I wanted! But for now, I would settle
for a hot counsel. I would come back to him tonight for a chat as I
unwind my new gay life, with his precious advice and company; aaaall
night long. It was tingly how all this was comfortable.
Later that night, as we talked I started undressing him, bit by
bit. His powerful hands grasped tightly my neck as we kissed
passionately. I squeezed my hand even further into his shirt, to feel
the bulging chest, graced by his soft chest hair. Uuuuh that was it!
What I had sought after for so long.... The shirt was off! Belt down..
I felt his hands caress down my spine, taking with it my last ounce of
strength to stand.
As I fell back into reality, I thought to myself how this was a
waste! He should have been Gay!