Gay in Africa

Yes, Nigeria has passed an anti-gay bill subjecting anyone caught in a gay act to a sentence of 14yrs in prison. But how long do you think such a law will last? Not for long, with the recent trend of events. Why? Because we as a nation are getting exposed more and more to a medium that promotes LGBT(lesbians-gays-bisexuals-transgender). That medium is the products of the american movie industry, hollywood.

Ever bought an american movie in the past to discovered the subtle way in which homosexualism is promoted? Well, it's now in your face. Currently, the world is getting carried away from the trend of movies that don't span beyond 2hrs to movies that go beyond hundreds of hours, cos most viewers often wished some movies don't end, a reason why series came into the picture, getting people glued to their TVs consuming the contents of such movies.

Has anyone noticed the alarming rate at which the american movie industry promotes gay? No american movie goes by without a gay content this days. From Oz to spartacus, tyrant to tudors, game of thrones to housewives etc. Even the 2hrs movies of today hardly go without a gay content, even if it's just the mention of the word GAY e.g the INTERVIEW and 50 SHADES OF GREY.

I was cruising round town with my brother and a friend yesterday when some radio OAPs were discussing about a new TV series called EMPIRE. I wasn't interested in their discussion till my bro and his friend started talking about how interesting the series is, that they can't wait to get the 2nd season. I decided to get the season 1 on my way back. Barely 10minutes into the first episode, I was greeted by a scene showing 2 grown guys kissing and acting all emotional. The characters were jamal and his girlfriend michael.

What annoys me most is the way they( the directors of these movies) try to persuade people into thinking there's nothing wrong with the homosexualism, giving it a good making the gay character appear as someone with a good heart but clearly misunderstood. They throw in a gay relationship that is deeply rooted in a 100% love, honesty, faithfulness and loyalty, making straight people jealous cos a 100% of everything is not obtainable in a straight relationship. The gay character in the series EMPIRE, jamal, was giving a very attractive role so as to lure unsuspecting viewers into the world of gayism. In the movie, he's from a rich family with a music empire, the most talented among them with a voice to kill any female, the gentle one, loves a kid he's not certain of it's paternity(how many guys do that?), the only one who cares about their ex-convict mum and several other qualities that can make a die-hard homophobic person go emotional and accept him for who he is. Everybody loves a guy with the above qualities. To pave way for the acceptance of homosexualism, the several hollywood directors are now moulding characters with such qualities and making them gay. Such strategy leaves viewers toning down their hate or dislike for homosexuals. And that's where I fear for Nigeria. In the next few years, going by the rate at which we are exposed to the hollywood contents, majority of those that jubilated when the anti-gay bill was passed, will storm the streets demanding for its reversal.

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Gay Awards

Gay Movies
Entertainment is a very important part of growth and development
in an individual's life. So much so that luck of it leads to
depression hence the old adage that goes 'all work without play makes
Jack a dull boy'. Of course there are numerous ways of entertainment
unique to the person, despite these though there are general
categories of entertainment. Such as children entertainment, adult
entertainment and many more.
Here we are going to speak of the controversial Gay entertainment
specifically movies. It is not surprising that this is a major issue
and of major concern in the Gay community after all anything gay is a
tinsy bit harder to get even in the gay friendly societies. This
doesn't seem to be getting better any time soon. More times than not
we, Gay men, find ourselves being directed/advised and informed by the
movies and series we watch. Not just the lifestyle, but even the much
needed bedroom talk! No Gay man can say otherwise, unless you were
fortunate enough to join a cool Gay group in your teenage years who
were informed and courageous enough to share the information. Yeah, I
didn't think so too, here's why Gay Movies and series' importance is
not to be underestimated.
As long as we live in a homophobic society or one that's
predominantly heterosexual; we'll just have to rely so much on the Gay
movies, series and even hard-core for enlightenment. Knowing this and
appreciating the importance of it, it's important we get to learn the
sources of such useful material. I took it upon myself to look into
this and you'll be surprised that not so many share these sentiments.
Very few Gay updates address such sensitive issues.
I commend the few that do this selfless deed for their troubled
brothers and sisters. In my search through the net I found interesting
sites/blogs/profiles, of course I had to comb through the many horny
updates/profiles that exist here. I got to see sex toys being sold,
vibrators, didlos and many pleasure items on sale. Many dating sites
too are now in social media marketing their services, interesting, for
lack of better words! Of importance though is the progress the
development states have made on the Gay front. They progress their
orientation via social media same as the revolutions we keep
witnessing in middle East and Muslim States. It's an interesting
myriad of updates seeking hookups and dates, couldn't help but stiffle
a laugh, most of them emanating from Africa. A 'Hurrah' should be in
line for these, whoever said Africa was behind?
Now onto commending the truly outstanding and enlightening
Gay posts online. Standing out was the several posts I stumbled across
from sensitizing the Gay community of the
dangers of anal sex.
Second on the list was the discovery of a truly remarkable
undertaking of selling Gay movies to the community in a certain
developing region. I have not seen such a good offer on a movie $2 per
movie sounds fictional, I had to test it and couldn't believe when I
got to watch 'Shank' after the payment. Www.
Third is true humanitarian to the core. Denis Nzioka comes
in last but definitely not least, this is one of the faces of Gay man
in East Africa who has a website that notifies everyone of the
brutality the Gays face in these areas. Evident during the recent
anti-gay movements in his neighboring Uganda. He picks cases such as
this and also cases of Gays stealing from their counterparts,
investigates and exposes them for all to see. This helps the public
know what really goes on, stuff the media may be too reserved to


Gay hunk versus Gay money?

What would you do if u were in a similar predicament?
"Scenario: This is Russell. Russell is smart,honest,loyal, funny, a great sense of humor, a hopeless romantic, an awesome cook, keeps his home spotless, a great handyman, is a man of faith who loves hard, has his own place, is a single parent who takes care of his child, loves to spoil his boyfriends & wants to take you on a date.
On the flip side lives in a Section 8 home, gets $600 a month in Food Stamps, uses public transportation or his grandmother's car, spends a lot of time playing video games, doesn't have a steady job, can have temper issues, loves to drink & has to go out to the club/bar every weekend or at least twice a month.
Would you go out on a date with him? "

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