Gay Christmas family Acceptance!

    I so love the holidays! Especially Xmas! It is all bout family, after
all, almost instinctively. Cousins, aunts and the relatives you keep
off from seeing for a long time. The house visits, with every lady
being vigilant not to miss her chance to feed the family on a Xmas as
they show off their palatial houses and year's progress.
    The family feuds that arise in such gatherings and the willingness
of all to suppress them till after the celebrations is so bewildering
in the least. That is the love afforded to this holiday. Like a spell
over all, a spell that diminishes all volatility and insists on love
and acceptance. This is the right combination that I needed when I
break out my news! Or as its said 'come out of the closet.' I was sure
I would need some kind of mystical aid to, if anything, blunt the
intensity of their reaction.
      Will it be at the dinner table? Or outside on the porch? On the
D-day? Or after? Or over the barbecue? with everyone seated, well fed
having forgotten all life challenges and sibling-rivalry. I stood up
just after everyone had had a fair share of their meal. I was sure not
to have sat next to my eldest uncle, a bitter man, who never lacked
words to critic everything around him.
     My mum was within direct sight, needed to see her reaction when I
openly display her failure in 'finding me a beautiful suitor' and
maintaining the family image, so to speak! I didn't really care for
dad, ever since I preferred dance-class to sports, something inside
him broke and shattered! Maybe he had accepted my fate, and found it
too painful to think of me alive,so he resulted in looking past me.
      Didn't really mind how my cousins would take it after this. The
ladies am sure would be glad to have and include me in their lives, I
was comfortable to be their 'Gay cousin'  and attend aaaaall their
girly events, welcome boyfriend. The gents on the other hand, I had
nothing much to say, no heart for them. But granny.... she I minded!
Her always open heart, welcoming nature, and lovable cheery smile. Of
all my relations, I valued her most. I minded her thoughts of my big
announcement;especially after I fore went telling her first, and for
that I ensured I was closest to her at the table. To at least comfort
her or revive her if she got a heart attack or something! It was time
for me to man up n be sincere as she always advised me.
     I can't believe how much strength I had to put in the bang on the
table, just to get some attention. I personally think this family is
too straight for its own good! Now I had a splitting arm ache that was
doing its best to reduce the effect of the quatre litter of Whisky I
had just finished. Leave alone the extra hour of manicure I'll ave go
put in tonight! As everyone gazed at me, I felt tingly, and a chuckle
escaped me. I knew too well this was the tym for me to sweat and
blubber! Not this time though. Lemme take this opportunity, that they
so often gve me whenever I stood to speak, an unusual silence afforded
to only me. The only gift I am given in any gathering!
      There and then I wished I had a camera to record the
anticipating faces before me. My memory would have to do it this time!
Their eyes so anticipating my divulging the mystery that is me! A
reason to justify their ridicule on me, and why not? Let them have it!
Let the worse be worst; and so it went......
...... .n so I stood there, in utter silence. Settled, un shaken,
anticipating. For once I wished for the ridicules and sarcasm flying
all over the room.
Why wouldn't they speak? Why the silence? I was astonished, I expected
a little more grimance, at least a little uproar, even a familiar
gay-bashing would be ok.
    Why wouldn't they speak? Why are they staring? Did I imagine my
speech? Or was I mute?
    "Finally! Now can we get to the desert!......"  broke the silence
from the furthest end of the table, and a smile cracked their

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Merry Christmas and Happy New year folks


Gay High school Teen self-discovery.

     At first I thought it was fate dealing me a raw deal, yet again! Cause this wouldn't be the first time I found myself on different lanes with
reality,headed for a head-on collision. Another fault within me, I thought, and stifled the urge. All
this erupted within me as I watched our  well-built swim instructor
walking in my direction.
      I was drawn to him,since the day I laid eyes on him; a fine man,with lean muscles ripping out of his fitting shirt, his neatly shaven hair and well kept nails. He was the spitting image of my
favorite stud ripped from the many romance novels I had consumed in
my early teenage! A fine guy who didn't mind taking good care of
himself and his appearance and still maintain a measure of ruggedness,
that hinted he could last, and is every bit the man he seems to be.
     Oooh I hated it! How I always ended up holding or standing on the
short end of the stuff. This must be destiny, playing around with me
again! Didn't it see I was messed up enough? That I had nothing
worthwhile with me? And now, just when I could count myself as a
normal 16 year old, it pops open this can of worms.....
      I had counted my huddles, and judging by how often I fall over
them.. I was sure there wouldn't be any going back from one such as
this one! And no rising from this pit.
       It was my 16th year, or my 8th year in hell, as I loved to call
it. I had no home as yet, no family and never a lasting friend. I was
the lonely boy, sticking to my shadows and the corners. The only
companion was my old diary I used to write down my most intricate
thoughts, as poetry.
    Ever since the car accident that took away my parents, I had since
resigned myself to my new status as an orphan. But somehow I always
had new depths to get to. What with all the relatives I had traversed
through ;none having anything good to say of me afterwards.
     My aim now was to focus on my studies and ensure my life. I
envied my schoolmates, their lifestyles n all. How free they were to
feel and live, love and laugh. I had made so much progress in
accepting my place..... N then this happens! Aaaargh why me?
     The passion tears me apart! Boils from inside. First it was the
class prefect, Joseph.... So kind, and steadfast, strong and delicate,
he is an epitome of a great man in the making. I dismissed it as a
simple case of admiration, so after I transferred it quickly turned to
   But now, now it was bad especially after my reaction to the class
bully Michael. I thought it was fear causing the trembling, thin
sweats, and general rise of temperature. This was before the incident
that had both him and all class steer off me! It was completely
unintended, when he pinned me on the wall and all went silent despite
the jeers and cheers. All I could feel was his warm breath and his
rusty cologne;and I felt myself levitating to his lips, eyes shut,
breath held, as if awaiting a big event.
     And that's how I ended up the 'Class freak!' I had vowed to never
let me get that way. To maintain control was my one sole aim.... And
here I was admiring the man before me.
  "Hey!"  and just like that I was rocked into reality! And the
warmest smile made the sunshine glide over my skin, melting away my
thoughts. There and then I knew I was meant for this! That ai loved it
and I wanted it.
     A week later I didn't have any regret as I walked out of the
gate, for the last time. The expulsion was swift, quick and I may add
fair! I was foolish to force myself onto someone, even if I misread
signs.....especially our new swim teacher
    But it was refreshing, the freedom! I had realized I could breath
softly and a glow had sparked inside, an ember that threatened to glow
4 ever.....